Museum aan het Vrijthof

PhotographerJan Stel exhibits in Museum aan het Vrijthof


"Manmade / no human"


June 22 - September 15, 2019



Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht presents an overview from artphotographer Jan Stel from June 22  toSeptember 15, 2019. The exhibiton 'Manmade / no human' comprises photowork ofabandoned buildings with characteristic architecture; 75 photos of locationsthat were once bustling with life and activity. The photographer impressively demonstratesthe beauty of decay.


Jan Stel explores andphotographs desolate places of our time. A forgotten world from which the humanpresence has disappeared. Over the past twenty years he has photographednumerous locations at home and abroad, including an old gas tank, steel plant,cooling tower, power station, wine cathedral, casino and stately mansions. Theten cabinets and period rooms of the monumental museum form a suitable décorfor the exhibition.


The artist has a greatfascination for the aesthetics of past glory. It is the essence of hisphotographic work. The history of precious, authentic buildings, the absence ofpeople and lost craftsmanship play a prominent role. The past left behind isphotographed with pure, natural light, without flash or studio lights.


The intriguing photos reflectthe philosophical vision of Jan Stel where the input of people and society canbe clearly felt. After all, abandoned buildings are slowly decaying and candisappear, are taken over by nature or are given a new destination with afuture perspective. A process that has taken place or is ongoing.


Jan Stel (Purmerend, 1970)started drawing and illustrating at a young age. He also pioneered withgraffiti murals. Around 1998, as an autodidact, he became interested in fadedglory and the capturing of this through photography. His autonomous work hasbeen internationally awarded and included in the collections of companies andprivate collectors. Eduard Planting Gallery presents the photographer at artfairs such as the KunstRAI and PAN Amsterdam. Museum aan het Vrijthof alsoshows work that has never been shown before.


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